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Gore Range Capital Closes Debut Fund

Gore Range invests in early and growth-stage companies for the purposes of helping patients achieve and maintain life-long health.

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Gore Range Capital (“Gore Range”), a New York-based venture capital firm focused on healthcare, today announced that its first fund (“Fund I”) is closed to further external capital. Gore Range invests in early and growth-stage companies for the purposes of helping patients achieve and maintain life-long health.

Gore Range is led by Ethan Rigel, CEO, Humberto Antunes, Frank DeBernardis, John Friedman, and Ting-Pau Oei. The investment professionals are supported by a scientific advisory board that helps bolster deal flow, evaluate opportunities, and advise on research, adding further depth to their capabilities.

“We invest in what we know based on our more than 150 years of collective experience in the healthcare industry,” said Ethan Rigel, CEO, Gore Range. “Our team is able to provide necessary capital and an unparalleled level of strategic guidance and partnership to young companies. Our approach creates more value for the entrepreneurs building the business, investors who are backing them, and ultimately benefits patients and the broader healthcare ecosystem.”

Gore Range has made 13 investments with two successful exits and one IPO thus far. Gore Range invests in skin health, cancer, cardiovascular, and technology innovation, based on the partners’ extensive experience and networks in these areas. Through its role as an engaged investor and strategic partner, Gore Range is able to identify market opportunities, build networks, and provide guidance on capital deployment that helps to ensure the greatest opportunity for success.

Among Fund I’s investments include:

  • BioXcel Therapeutics (Nasdaq: BTAI): utilizes novel artificial intelligence to develop new medicines and reduce the cost and time of drug development

  • CoreMedica Labs: poised to transform the blood testing arena, providing patients with the ability to “test-from-anywhere”

  • Or-Genix Therapeutics: develops novel compounds to treat skin, hair, and mucous membrane disorders

Gore Range has made additional pre-fund investments in:

  • Castle Biosciences: focused on personalized diagnostics for cancer patients to provide actionable information for improved treatment decisions

  • Conversa Health: leverages AI and the power of conversation to change the way patients and patients communicate.

“Our primary goal is to invest in companies that will advance healthcare through research, science, innovation and operating excellence,” said Humberto Antunes, partner, Gore Range. “Entrepreneurs gravitate to our model because they see the value in partnering with our seasoned team — and they appreciate the additional depth that an engaged and experienced investor can provide. We are thrilled by the innovation and discovery our portfolio companies have made already, and look forward to enabling more growth in 2019.”

About Gore Range Capital

Gore Range Capital is a venture capital firm focused on investing in early and growth-stage healthcare businesses. The firm blends the hands-on approach of operationally focused private equity with the early-stage guidance needed in venture capital. Gore Range offers not just capital, but operational, clinical and scientific expertise that leverages deep industry relationships and a renowned scientific advisory board. Based in New York, Gore Range was founded by finance and healthcare professionals with an unrivaled, specialized focus in four core areas: dermatology, cancer, cardiovascular and technology-driven medical innovation. For more information, visit:


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